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  • Lynne Jobes

Team Building at Team Beirhope

Not ever did I think that my generation would ever play a significant part in history. I thought we’d quietly live life. Then the awful pandemic hit us and life changed forever.

Alpaca Trekking Scotland
Alpaca Trekking in the Scottish Borders

Team time in the Scottish Borders

Ways of working have changed too, and no longer are the ‘team’ together as they once were with limited days in the office and the joys of virtual meetings via one of the many digital sources. And hey I think this is great – I’ve Zoomed all over the globe recently and it's just fab.

However, wouldn’t it be better to get back together, to have a ‘team day’ in person here with us at Beirhope? (We can also join you digitally too if needed!).

‘Team-Time’ in the Scottish Borders

‘What can you do?’ I hear you ask. Well, how about becoming an alpaca trekker and immersing yourself in the Cheviot Hills. We have the very spot for you. Enjoy some great ‘team time’ out in the wilds of the Scottish Borders with alpacas. What could be better!

Team Beirhope can be very corporate when we try. We have posh wellies, great food options and amazing surroundings.

After teas & coffees on arrival, you will get to meet and hand feed all of the alpacas before choosing your trekking buddy. We’ll then head out into the hills for an alpaca walk, pointing out local landmarks and talking all things alpaca. Do you know where alpacas come from…?

On return, you can dig in to your own picnic, or lunch can be arranged from a selection of places. From lovely sandwiches to delicious platters, showcasing the finest foods on offer here in the Borders.

To round off your visit we will run a team quiz and crown the winner 'Beirhope’s Best Trekker'.

Easily accessible from Edinburgh and Newcastle

So if you think it's time to get everyone together again, but aren’t sure where or how, then get in touch with us. Come and visit us at our Scottish alpaca farm and walk an alpaca! Being equal distance from Edinburgh and Newcastle, there’s no place better to get together than right here where Scotland starts!


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