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  • Lynne Jobes

Alpaca Trekking Wellies to Award Night Frocks

We are hugely delighted to have won Scotland's Business Awards ‘Consumer Award’ in The Borders 2019 finals. The Grand Final (country wide) was, like many things, effected by COVID. So the 2020 finals are being held this year in 2021!

This poses the biggest challenge of my alpaca trekking career...the frock! What on earth does an alpaca trekker wear to a black tie awards ceremony?!

Thinking about this, I have so far ruled out anything I currently own for very obvious reasons. I ‘liberated’ my office clothes many years ago when I gave up Social Work. Back then, I was quite into clothes, shoes and ridiculously expensive mascara. While I still love the mascara and miss it dearly, I realise it is no different to the stuff I now get out of the reduced basket in the chemist! Back to the dress dilemma. Living on a Scottish Alpaca Farm sees little requirement for a frock. In fact, as lovely as dresses are, I'd get laughed at! An interesting conversation occurred just a couple of weeks ago with neighbour farmer, farrier and farm rep. To be fair, farm rep looked a bit corporate, however farmer & farrier were dressed head to toe in farm clothes. A random discussion was had regarding our said outfits. with the outcome that if we wore anything different we would look strange. Talking strange – it was a random set of people to be talking clothes with. Don’t think HQ Joules or Fairfax & Favour have such an eclectic mix on their fashion boards! Apparently the farm look is now my accepted normal. Please remove any thoughts of Country Chic – there was absolutely zero tweed anywhere. Think much more like a scarecrow, a poorly dressed one at that. My very good friend over the hill, who’s sister attends everything on the scene, has come to my rescue previously and lent me several very nice dresses. Problem is she’s moved further away so I may need to do a dash to deepest Northumberland if my solo shopping goes as badly as I think it might. Hubster has just purchased a velvet jacket - kinda like Austin Powers. I’m thinking of hiding the parcel when it arrives because honestly it's hideous and we will really look like the Clampetts on a night out if he goes wearing that. So mean while my frock dilemma remains: Evening Dress V Cocktail Dress, black or go all out colour, oh and lets not even think about the hair. I need my hat but doubt that will work. On a more serious note, it's an absolute privilege to be attending the Grand Final and a true testament to Team Beirhope. To their hard work, dedication and commitment – you are the best. And to all our trekkers, campers and visitors thank you for your enthusiasm, fun and support – without you all we couldn’t achieve what we do, so thank you. Now...lets go dress shopping!

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