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Our Story


We changed our lives back in 2016, giving up on suburbia to move to the countryside. After a chance encounter with alpacas we welcomed our very own five and began this wonderful adventure.  


With a growing herd, we have a number of alpaca activities to offer something for everyone. From treks and strolls to visits, events and picnics. Today we have twenty five alpacas, a mix of male and female and breed our own cria (baby alpacas).

As the Beirhope family continues to grow, adventure awaits. Our off grid and eco friendly campsite, Beirhope Campacas, offers the opportunity to truly experience the magic of Beirhope in the rolling hills and countryside, under the most spectacular dark skies, of the Scottish Borders.

Beirhope Cottage

About Beirhope Farm

Beirhope Farm lies at the heart of the Cheviot Hills, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. Once a farm, it is now home to a growing herd of alpacas. As smallholders, we have many things farms have but on a much smaller scale.  Our hens provide us with the most delicious fresh eggs daily and our garden is now providing much of our fruit and vegetables. Our horses, Sol and Beano, and our pet sheep and goats are all close by and often stop by to say hello in the hope of an extra treat. 

Dark Skies UK

A Little Piece of Magic

Within a 75 minute drive from both the Edinburgh City By Pass and Newcastle Upon Tyne, Beirhope offers the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What could be better! With the most breathtaking scenery, there’s no place quite like it to relax, unwind and enjoy a perfect visit with our friendly alpacas. And with some of the darkest skies in the UK; Beirhope never fails to impress. Begin your next adventure right here with us, where Scotland starts and the adventure never ends.

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