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  • Lynne Jobes

Camping Beirhope Style

Hi-de-hi campers!

Welcome to Beirhope’s newest adventure. Camping next to alpacas – what more could anyone want?

Wild Camping at Beirhope Alpacas
Wild Camping at Beirhope Alpacas

Camping + Alpacas = Campacas

Great ideas at Beirhope are usually generated by way of a ‘board meeting’. It's classified as to who is on the board, the minutes, and of course how ideas are driven. It's classified because it usually just happens with me having a meeting with myself.

Maybe because Beirhope is my life and my passion, the ideas just seem to readily flow. Some with better success than others (the abandoned walled garden is an example – and another story!!).

So in deepest darkest February I came up with the notion of camping here at Beirhope. Think wild, not glamping. Team Beirhope applied their best brainstorming tactics and ‘Campacas’ was born, with lots of help from our very own Angie and Margo.

Brand new camping pitches

‘Just flatten that bit there please dear…’ followed quickly by an ‘it’ll not take long’ were the instructions given to the modern apprentice, Alan the Alpaca trekker. Out came the digger, not the spade, but the digger. It's fair to say things looked much worse than the lush grassy bays nestled in the trees I had imagined. But grass seed, rain and a prayer to the god of grass growth sees our wee campsite blossom as we head towards opening on the 26th June.

Our own ‘bucket shower’

Showers. Dilemma – not really a true wild camping experience but a necessity! The Beirhope Bucket Shower was born and off went the modern apprentice to build the most fabulous bucket shower ever. I think he’s considering moving into it as he’s spent more time in there than in the house recently. Have to say its genius. Quirky, completely Beirhope and brilliant.

Stay connected with our Wifi hotspot

Wifi in the barn. We all love the notion of a digital detox but really need to post our lovely pictures on socials and check the lottery numbers.

Thanks to Borderlink who extended our Wifi last year, the barn provides a Wifi hotspot; so checking in at your convenience is really easy along with switching off when you want too.

Things to do in the Scottish Borders (and Beirhope!)

Sit and watch alpacas! Is there anything else? Of course this is the best bit – Alpacas as your neighbours, but really there’s so much more to do than that.

Build a Beirhope Bug House, book a stroll or trek with us, help with the morning feed round or the afternoon tea feed. Or what about doing all of these and head into the hills for your own Big Borders Adventure. With St Cuthberts Way not far from us (3 miles) and many Way Marked walking routes (I’m half way through the Borders Abbey Way).

Harestanes, Born in Scotland, Floors Castle, Jedburgh Abbey, Abbotsford House are all a must. The Borders does wee treats really well. From posh nosh to the yummiest cakes and scones around; we have the insider track on where’s best – just ask! On return to your pitch why not light your firepit provided by us, sit back and relax. Soak up the quiet of the countryside, listen to the alpacas hum and look up to the most magical night time sky.

A secluded woodland camping pitch

We have 3 pitches. One of which is dog friendly and set further away from the alpacas in our wee woodland. This is also the largest pitch, perfect for those looking for a retreat as you get the place to yourselves. The stream runs along the bottom of your pitch, down the slope a bit, and you peek out towards Thowlestaine Hill Fort too. Nestled in the woods, it is the perfect place to rest, relax and unwind.

Our two remaining pitches neighbour the alpacas. These accommodate medium tents of up to a maximum of 4 people per pitch. Our views to the paddocks make for the perfect backdrop.

BBQ’s, firepits and S’Mores!

Our trekkers barn remains the hub where you will find me between walks, a selection of goodies to make camping even more special, logs, BBQ’s, our own S’Mores packs (camping and S’Mores are a must) and a host of other lovely things.

What next I wonder. Well...the modern apprentice has resigned 4 times this week (it's only Monday). He claims I’m a task master but secretly I think he’s quite impressed with my camping idea. Here’s to Beirhope Campacas, let the fun begin. Meanwhile, I’m banned from anymore ideas.

Book your camping pitch today!

We have some spaces available this summer. With it being possible to book from a 1 night stay to longer, why not pack up your tent, head for the hills and dare to do something a little different.

Looking forward to welcoming all you wild campers soon.

Take care, Lynne.


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